Memory Game

--We play at least once per weekday until prizes run out between 6:30am-9:00am on AM960 KLTF.

--When calling in to play the Memory Game, use our studio line of (320) 632-2306.

--Limit of one winner per household

--You are searching for matching sets of three. Wilds will reveal other matching numbers. "Finksters" end your turn abruptly and you lose any previous prizes won. Prizes will remain on the game board for the next contestant. New this time around is "Free Spaces". Free spaces will neither end your turn, nor be used as a matching number, but instead allow you to guess another number.

--If you find a match you can end your turn there and keep your prize. If you keep going you may win additional prizes. If you hit a "Finkster" space, you lose the previous prizes you had and they remain on the game board for the next contestant.

--Matching Sets of three and Wild numbers once used are deleted on the online game board listed above. Finksters and Free Spaces remain on the online game board.

--Pay attention to specific prizes as some businesses may have more than one. For example, KLTF Prize 1 and KLTF Prize 2 should be kept separate as they are not a matching set.